San Diego: the sunshine, the beaches, the food… and the conventions! San Diego is quickly climbing as one of the nation’s top destinations with visitors flocking to ‘America’s Finest City’ in unprecedented numbers, largely due to the rising number of attendees at conventions. For companies looking to hire promotional models in San Diego and trade show models in San Diego, standing out among the crowds is a priority. The San Diego Convention Center projected a record attendance in their 2016 Forecast with 0ver 900,000 attendees at San Diego trade shows and conventions. The verdict is in: there has never been a better time to showcase at a San Diego trade show than now.

With so much foot traffic at events and conventions, many businesses are turning to hire promotional models in San Diego to cultivate brand awareness and trade show models in San Diego to stand apart from the rest.

Why hire promotional models in San Diego? They are experienced representatives for products who are responsible for bringing crowds in, running demos or giveaways and informing people about the brand.

What do trade show models in San Diego bring to the booth? They are professionals who are experienced in drawing in the attention of attendees, informing them about products, answering questions, running demos and giveaways and generating new leads.

The best promotional models and trade show models in San Diego are like the city itself: vibrant and charismatic. They make sure your company is well represented while driving product knowledge and sales. Be sure you to hire the top-tier of talent.