For companies looking at Austin to boost their presence and sales, one of the best methods is to hire promotional models in Austin and trade show models. Long hailed as the “Live Music Capital of the World” for its vibrant music scene, Austin is stepping into its new title, with some coining it “Silicon Hills”, as more and more tech companies flock there. In 2016, CNBC ranked it as the #1 city to start a business in.

Austin has been the springboard for many thriving careers, à la Janis Joplin, as well as mecca for lively culture. Combining this innovation with tax rates favorable to businesses and a lower cost of living than other innovative hubs like Silicon Valley and New York, Austin is quickly rising to the top for new businesses and investment capital.

Given this thriving climate, it is no wonder that conventions like SXSW have soared. But with so much happening and a high demand for attention, how do companies make themselves stand out? One growing trend for many businesses is to hire promotional models in Austin who will bring in crowds, generate interest and do product demonstrations and giveaways at local events. Similarly, showcasing with a booth at conventions and trade shows is a great way to maximize brand awareness and generate new leads. Experienced trade show models in Austin will be responsible for cultivating relationships with attendees, running product demonstrations and giveaways and ensuring companies make the most out of their face time with potential new leads.

To ensure that your booth or event is a success, hire promotional models and trade show models in Austin who are trained, charismatic and well spoken to get the greatest return on your company’s investments.

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