Trade Show Models in Vegas


Trade Show Models in VegasFor over 20 years, Las Vegas has taken the lead as the number 1 trade show destination in North America. In another of our blog posts, we talked about some of the top trade shows happening in Las Vegas. Whether your next booth will be at a renowned show like CES, SEMA, MAGIC, NAB, or any of the thousands of others, there is one key factor that can set your booth apart from the rest – Las Vegas trade show models. Here’s how:

Get Noticed.
The trade show floor is buzzing with energy. Companies have prepared their booths with great signage and are ready to astound attendees. Most will have some of their own staff sitting comfortably, likely in a suit, waiting for people to approach them. A few booths, however, will have thought out every detail and have hired energetic trade show models in Vegas who are standing outside the booth greeting attendees, scanning badges for leads and getting the conversation started with a pitch or questions. Las Vegas trade show models can also run product demonstrations and giveaways at your booth to peak attention from and engagement with the attendees.

Get Leads.
The main point of your booth is to generate as many leads as possible, qualify them to become prospects, and convert them into sales. Las Vegas trade show models can add immense value by ensuring you maximize your opportunity to get leads. The sales process is dependent on your staff’s ability to be captivating, knowledgeable and friendly. They will need to ask open-ended questions and offer solutions from your company’s product. Hiring professional trade show models in Vegas will ensure that your company optimizes the face time with prospects.

Get Ahead.   
Las Vegas trade show models are here to help your company outshine competitors, every step of the way. They become your company’s stellar first point of contact with attendees, educating and answering questions, getting leads and running product demonstrations and giveaways. Consider trade show models in Vegas as an extension of your sales and marketing team, who specialize in making sure you get the most out of your time with attendees and the most return on your investment in the convention.

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Kaeli Renae,  freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist.