HIRING LA MODELSHiring LA models for your next event? Read this first.

I. Align Company and Model’s Brand Image

When hiring LA models for your next event, it is imperative to align your company’s brand image and ethos with the talent you hire to represent it. For example, does your brand embody sophistication, diversity, fun, edginess or perhaps sportiness? As the face of your product, the LA models you hire should be the best representation of your company. When hiring LA models with an agency, feel free to send over a few adjectives that represent your company so they can find the best match.

II. Higher Education + Experience + Great Photos = Best Representation

To hire the best representative for your company, take a look at the level of education, the amount of work experience and multiple photos when hiring LA models. Promotional models and brand ambassadors are like an extension of your sales and marketing team, so apply a similar discernment with hiring. The higher education and the more work experience, especially if within your particular industry, will pay off with the best possible representation.

III. Utilize a Promotional Modeling Agency Rather Than Hiring Directly

There are many benefits to hiring LA models through an established promotional model agency rather than hiring them directly. To begin, the agency does the work for you by filtering out mediocre or inexperienced models, and they have a wide base of talent to send your event to rather than you searching and sending endless communications with potential models personally. Also, premier promotional companies like Models in Tech monitor the quality and reliability of models to ensure that companies get the best talent and keep coming back to them for future events.

IV. Preparation

Once you have selected LA models through an established agency who fit the brand image of your company, it is important to send enough information to the agency to prep them. Consider sending over some quick facts, a 30-second pitch about your company and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Trained professionals will lend trust and credibility to your brand and will be able to get the most return on investment out of your event.

Kaeli Renae,  freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist.