Team of Tradeshow Models in Austin


Team of Tradeshow Models in Austin

Trade show models in Austin help businesses outshine their competitors at tradeshows. Let’s take a look at the method behind the magic.

The Austin trade show floor will be buzzing. Businesses set up welcoming booths and dazzling signage to draw in attendees, who mingle and try to make sense of the influx of information coming in from all angles. If you are confident in your product, you may think that’s all it takes to bring in new clients at a trade show but the experience of your booth itself needs to be strong enough to captivate the attention of attendees. This where trade show booth models in Austin come in.

1. Draw in Crowds

Trade show models in Austin are experienced in welcoming attendees and drawing them in to learn more about the product. They are an extension of the company’s sales and marketing team, answering questions, pitching the product and emanating a genuine excitement about the product.

2. Generate New Leads

After bringing attendees to the booth, trade show booth models in Austin will scan badges to get contact info from many attendees which can be used for future marketing and networking. They can qualify the attendees to see if they would be a good fit for the company or if there are any needs that the product can meet.

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3. Run Product Demos and Giveaways

Trade show booth models in Austin will run product demonstrations, which offer attendees the chance to learn in a more engaging way than just talking about the product. They can help attendees try the product for themselves and even post about their experience to social media, which is free advertising for the company. Trade show models in Austin also facilitate giveaways (who doesn’t love giveaways?) that serve as a thank you to people who came to the booth and leaves a great impression.

4. Maximize R.O.I.

A successful trade show booth requires investments of time and money. Without promotional models in Austin, it is possible that the trade show could be an average or below average experience, even in spite of planning. Trade show models in Austin are trained to bring in more attendees than the average booth, generate leads and run product demonstrations and giveaways to make sure the trade show garners the best return on investment for companies.

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Kaeli Renae,  freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist.