Trade Shows in Las Vegas


Trade Shows in Las VegasInternationally recognized as a top destination for entertainment, fine dining, shopping, gaming and nightlife, Las Vegas is also home of some of the world’s biggest and best conventions. For over two decades, the success of Las Vegas trade shows have earned it the No. 1 ranking for trade shows in North America, named annually by the Trade Show News Network. In 2016, there were over 11,820 Las Vegas trade fairs hosting well over 3.5 million attendees, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Las Vegas trade fairs come in many varieties. Here are five of the Top Trade Shows in Las Vegas:

    1. CES: The Consumer Electronics Show is the largest of the Las Vegas trade shows and of American trade shows. It is the mecca of hands-on exhibits for consumer electronics and technology, showcasing the latest and greatest innovations in 3d printing, robotics, augmented reality, drones, self-driving tech, sleep tech, wearables, smart homes and so much more.
    2. SEMA: The Specialty Equipment Market Association is one of the world’s biggest automotive shows. It is one of the Las Vegas trade fairs that is in a league of its own. Drawing in over 160,000 attendees, but not open to the public, it showcases the premier automotive specialties in the world.


  1. MAGIC: The fashion industry’s comprehensive convention hosts around 85,000 professionals in apparel, manufacturing, accessories and footware. From high-end brands to fast fashion, it is the place to share information, shop trends and preview new startups from over 80 countries.
  2. NAB: The National Association of Broadcasters’ tagline is: Where Content Comes to Life. It is the melding grounds for broadcasting media, entertainment and technology. With around 70,000 attendees, it is the world’s largest electronic media showcase for groundbreaking media content delivery in a myriad of new ways.
  3. JCK: The premiere jewelry event in North America gives the sparkle of Las Vegas a run for its money. Over 30,000 influencers in the jewelry industry, including retailers and vendors, come together for a dazzling showcase of the international fine jewelry market.

The list of incredible Las Vegas trade fairs truly goes on and on, but this list is a great place to get started. For more tips and helpful information about making the most out of Las Vegas trade shows, check out our blog.

Kaeli Renae,  freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist.