Top Promotional Giveaway Ideas


Trade Show GiveawaysThere are many ways to maximize your exposure with an optimized trade show marketing strategy. Promotional giveaways are the oldest form of advertising. Unlike traditional marketing materials, promotional giveaways are designed with the idea that customers will retain and use the giveaway and be exposed to the company logo, creating familiarity and brand recognition.

Event giveaways have to be cost effective, intriguing, and able to hold your logo and tag line in a way that will display them well.
Sometimes it takes trial and error to find what is the best event giveaway for a specific business. But they say that American businesses spend $20 billion a year giving away stuff with logos. That is a pretty good evidence that promotional giveaways work.

Here are Some of the Top Promotional Giveaway Ideas for 2017:

Sling Grip
We all drop out phones from time to time because they slip out of our hands. The sling grip attaches to the back of mobile devices and makes for a comfortable way to hold them. The logo is on the strip that faces the world.

Cable Dock Magnetic Mount
This magnetic gizmo keeps cords organized and going the way you want them to go. Desk accessories will typically stay in place for over a year, being ever present in the customer’s office.

Super Grip Clip
This clip can secure everything from food bags to mamos and business papers, with your logo right on the front.

A universal cellphone stand that can hang from your keychain. All you need to do is put your phone in the slot and your phone rests with a perfect angle.

Solar Power Bank Battery Charger
This one is a little more expensive event giveaway, but it is new and very useful. Charge multiple devices on the go with this solar powered, water resistant charger. It has a LED flashlight and 2 USB ports. Hang it outside a backpack or a purse and you will always have your devices powered.

Emoji Squeezies
De-stressor balls with an emoji on one side and your logo on the other. They are a fun and colorful item that can rest on the desk and be used when needed.

Very Cool Cooling Towel
Simply wet and wring this hyper-evaporative towel which is the latest in cooling invention. The special fabric allows cool air to stimulate cooling. It retains water while remaining dry to the touch.

Round 4 port USB Hub
Easy connection for all your devices to your computer. It is small, round, colorful and very useful. Your logo stands out on top of the device and will be ever present on client’s desks.

Key Chain Light
This LED promo key light is small, very light weight and can easily attach to a keychain. Since it is so small yet powerful, it can be left in strategic places where additional light is sometimes required.

Engraved USB Flash Drives
Flash drives come in many shapes and sizes, and storage capacity. From a mini soda can with your logo on it to key chains and what are called memory sticks that are used for storage. Those flash drives are very useful and present on your customers’ keychains or computers.

Here’s a great promotional giveaway idea from Susan Friedmann, a trade show coach, on how to make the giveaways work for you: Use trade show giveaways to help pre-qualify your prospects.

For example, use playing cards. Send the face cards to various targeted attendees. For example, Kings to the key customers, Queens to vendors and suppliers, Jacks to hot prospects, and Aces to the whales. Send a note to bring the cards to the booth in exchange for a special gift. When handed in the booth, staff will already know what kind of attendee they are and what talk track to use with them. It makes the time much more productive.