The League Launched in 10 Cities


 promotional modelsSummer is here and the League’s launch parties have been heating up select cities across the US. The Models in Tech team co-hosted to ensure the experience of each event was in the same league as the app and its users.

As the source for the highest quality brand ambassadors nationwide, Models in Tech worked with the exclusive dating app to roll out in new cities across the United States. Our college-educated and polished brand ambassadors nationwide were ready to help launch Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Denver and Seattle. Models in Tech is inspired by technology and our selective team of promotional models nationwide was excited to be a part of the launch of this game-changing app. promotional models

The League is providing a chance for highly driven, single hopefuls to save time, ‘keep their high standards’ and meet each other online through an exclusive app. Previously, the app was only offered in a few cities including SF, LA and NY, but the success in these cities led the League to expand. Much like the way the League utilizes data to run a successful dating platform, they turned to the data to decide which cities would be the best fits for the site. Our college-educated and polished brand ambassadors nationwide were ready to help launch Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Denver and Seattle with events as thriving as the app and its attendees.

Picture yourself entering a chic lounge with a panoramic backdrop of the city lighting up the sunset. You glance around at the other like-minded, driven and well-dressed guests, and before you can even worry about what to do or where to go, a charming host greets you with a smile to get you checked in quickly and welcome you. This is not your run-of-the-mill event, so neither are the team who are there making it run smoothly. The host encourages you to savor the night, #selfie away, and post to social media. They are around the whole evening, becoming a familiar face in the crowd and here to help create a memorable atmosphere.

Each launch party hosted the top caliber of attendees and the Models in Tech team of promotional models nationwide were there to make sure the League app was well represented.

As the League launched in ten cities, Models in Tech was available to help with the events. It was a match!

Written by Kaeli Renae, freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist.