Tech Savvy Brand Ambassadors


Tech Savvy Brand AmbassadorsSan Francisco, the nucleus of the technology industry, is the hotspot for tech conventions and activation events. It is here that product releases, demonstrations, and networking help companies flourish. Showcasing at a convention or hosting an activation event in SF has proven a smart way to maximize growth, but there is one factor that must not be overlooked – who will facilitate the experience. This one factor could make or break the event. San Francisco brand ambassadors must have experience beyond the average: they’ve got to be tech savvy.

What makes tech savvy brand ambassadors in SF so valuable?

1. Experienced in technology – Tech savvy brand ambassadors in SF have run the gauntlet when it comes to tech demonstrations, giveaways and pitches. They know how to explain, demo and answer questions about the product, truly becoming an extension of the sales and marketing team. This is not the first time they have experienced AI, smart fashion, or interactive apps – so they already know how to smoothly navigate them, explain them and make them stand out.

2. Knowledgeable about technology – Tech innovations are supposed to enhance and simplify the human experience, but San Francisco brand ambassadors who are new to the tech world will lack the knowledge necessary to convey what makes it great, and may end up sending potential clients away feeling confused. Being tech savvy brand ambassadors in SF demands a strong grasp in the latest and greatest trends in technology.

3. Passionate about technology  It is clear that tech savvy brand ambassadors in SF are passionate about what they do, and for good reason. This passion comes from a genuine inspiration by technology. They are in awe of the ingenuity and innovation that is taking humanity to new heights, of the unchartered territories that technology is exploring, and their natural excitement about the industry carries through to the tech event they are working.

4. Credible and persuasive – Knowing much more about the tech industry than unspecialized San Francisco brand ambassadors, having experience with demos and activations, and being passionate about technology lends credibility and a natural persuasiveness. Tech savvy brand ambassadors in SF know why your product stands out against your competitors and how to explain what makes it rock. They have what it takes to execute the best experience at tradeshows, conventions and marketing events.

Kaeli Renae,  freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist.