Trade ShowIt is important to have a great Trade Show marketing strategy. Trade shows are the place where people congregate to see and hear newsworthy stories about their business. Media and consumers alike pay attention to event news and if your company is participating in a trade show, your brand should be part of the conversation taking place on and off the floor.

Whether your objective is to create brand awareness, announce a new product, drive traffic to your booth, or get buyers to your site, you have to let the media know of your existence and your location in the form of a trade show press release.

How do you craft a press release that will help you capitalize on the event and the attention? It all starts with the story you have to tell. Each brand’s trade show strategy and metrics for measuring success are different. The story that the brand tells in the trade show should align with the company goals and should be conducted through multiple channels.

Here are a Few Tips for a Trade Show Press Release that will Draw Attention:

Headline and sub headline – Headlines should be under 100 characters with the most important things written in the first 65 characters. Use the show name in the headline or sub headline. It will enhance your visibility and the discovery of your content by people who know about the show but don’t know about your brand or product.

Have a clear call to action –  What would you like those who read your trade show announcement to do? You can direct them to an online press kit with in depth information about the products. You can encourage visiting your booth. A trade show freebie can be handy to get more people interested.

Use multimedia elements – Using visual aids in the form of colors and graphics in the trade show press release will increase views and engagement. Product shots, demo videos, infographics are some of the elements you can use. Make it in such a way that it will be easy for the media to use this component of the release.

Language – Using a professional jargon is very tempting for a trade show. After all, most of the people participating are in the same business. But not the media. Writing in more natural terms for non-business audience will make it easy on the reporters, readers and search engines.

Location – Don’t forget to mention where you can be found. Include the booth number so people can come and see your exhibit and any other information about what will be happening and when.

Include social media – Add information about the social media platforms you are active in. A twitter handle for your product, hashtags for the show itself, and so on. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram to announce your participation in the show and include them all in your trade show press release.

Issue more than one press release – Compose preview, launch news, and post show summary. Reporters start planing for an important trade show months in advance. Issuing media advisory to tease your products can drive interest in your attendance before the show even starts.

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