trade shows spokes modelsMany beauty, fashion and technology companies know the power of choosing to hire spokesmodels, and businesses with booths at trade shows have caught on. What is behind this approach? Why hire spokesmodels when staffing trade show booth? Here are a few reasons.

Add Trust & Credibility

Like Jennifer Aniston for Smartwater, companies hire spokesmodels to be the face of their product and speak about it on their behalf. Marketing teams figured out long ago that one of the keys to generating interest and sales for any product is to have an alluring persona to be the face of the product to generate consumers’ interest. Consumers are more compelled to trust a product or service that has friendly, alluring faces associated with them. Just as with traditional marketing for advertising and sales, having a trade shows spokes model in this way will lend trust and credibility to the brand. Unlike with advertising campaigns, however, when companies hire spokesmodels for trade shows, they have the added benefit of being able to engage with the spokesmodel, to ask questions and actually interact with the face of the product.

Trained Professionals

Most companies are staffed with employees who have a particular skill set they excel at – finance, marketing, engineering etc. Similarly, a trade shows spokes model excels at public speaking, is trained in sales, understands the particular product or service offered at the booth and has a stylish, polished and charismatic persona. When it comes to a trade show, it is important to have staff who are trained professionals to draw in attendees, inform them about the product and gain new potential leads.

Stand Out

Last, but equally important, hiring a booth spokes model will help your company stand out, get more attention and be remembered. You will have the advantage over the rest of the booths who have done similar marketing and signage as yours, but who have representatives quite similar to the others, while your booth has the added appeal of exceptional representatives of your company. It is important to hire booth spokes models who are not only well-spoken and knowledgeable but who also know their role is to draw more potential leads over by presenting themselves in a polished and charming manner.

When planning your next tradeshow, stick with what works to get the most ROI for your booth. Know the power of hiring a trade show models and utilize it.

By Kaeli Renae, freelance writer, sales + marketing specialist, yoga teacher and DJ.

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