Brand Ambassadors vs Promotional Models


Brand Ambassadors vs Promotional ModelsFor companies looking to amplify their presence, boost sales and increase brand awareness at events, hiring the right tradeshow booth and event staff is key. But is there a difference between brand ambassadors and promotional models? What’s in a name? Well, the differences are subtle. Let’s take a look.

Brand Ambassadors

Companies hire brand ambassadors to curate the public opinion and knowledge of a brand. The brand ambassadors become a representative of the company’s product(s) and truly embody the brand’s ethos as they act as an extension of the sales and marketing team. Companies that hire brand ambassadors must make sure to give them ample information about the product since they will be the go-to for anyone who has questions and are often the first point of contact many people will have with the brand. They are responsible for increasing brand awareness by interacting with potential leads.

Product knowledge isn’t the only prerequisite for companies looking to hire brand ambassadors. Personality and people skills are absolutely vital because the promotional brand ambassadors are the starting point for potentially long-lasting client relationships.

Promotional Models

Promotional models are one of the leading ways for a company to generate interest and spread awareness about products to gain sales. Promotional models become a point of reference for representing the brand image. Generally, they are responsible for bringing in a crowd of people and informing them about a specific product. They may also help companies by asking research questions for use with regards to consumer data.

Promotional models’ appearance should match the brand image in order for consumers to internalize a concept of the brand. Whether that means wearing a costume, uniform or elegant attire that is in line with the brand, the promotional model should essentially mirror the brand to draw attention to the company’s product. The best promotional models are confident and know how to draw attention and get people excited about a new product, in a tactful manner.

While brand ambassadors and promotional models have slightly differing roles, they should both engage with people with the intention of increasing sales and creating excitement about the product and brand. At trade show booths and events, companies need to remember that they have their audience’s attention for a short amount of time, so hiring charismatic, educated and alluring brand ambassadors or promotional models will ensure they capitalize on their time.